The Demand for Clean Fiction is Being Met by an Amazing Bestselling Author

For avid female readers looking for contemporary fiction that is free from sex and profanity, it can seem almost impossible these days. Especially considering most mainstream novels and even, romance novels feature sex, gore, and profanity. However, there is one Bestselling Author that is not only breaking free from that trend, she is also showing that clean fiction is in demand.

Marian L. Thomas is her name, and there could be a chance that you haven’t heard of her work yet. That will change and soon. This amazing author has released three acclaimed and dramatic novels that are causing readers to take note of her unique writing style. Critics admire not only her engaging style of writing, but the elements of reality that are woven within the lives of her characters. However, what seems to set her apart is her refusal to inject into her stories profanity and themes that are sexually explicit in order to boost sales and media coverage. Ms. Thomas is not just a pioneer of clean fiction but believes that the foundation of good book is a good story.

Ms. Thomas has cleverly crafted two novels that have propelled her onto the Rhythm and Blues and Soul Bestsellers Top 100 lists. Those novels, “Color Me Jazzmyne” (2010) and “My Father’s Colors” (2011) have since become popular with a worldwide audience. “My Father’s Colors” went on to become a finalist choice for the 2011 USA Best Book Awards. With novels such as these to her credit, it is no wonder that she is one of the most popular bestselling authors in print today.

While Ms. Thomas is a clean fiction author, she is by no means avoiding the themes and tones that drive a story forward. Her novels probe and explore the most intriguing and intimate themes of family strife, race, abuse, friendships, and teen pregnancy. Her latest novel, “Strings of Color” (2012) takes readers on a journey of forgiveness and the importance of family.

Her website is filled with content that makes getting to know her quick and easy. From her books to her events, readers can explore what makes this author a must on their bookshelf. It’s also a great place to schedule a book club visit.

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