Therefore, these people cannot make payments to the lending institution and the properties are foreclosed on by the banks

to be so divided, limited, and subject to failure by the self interest of wealth and debt creation, that many will have less so that a few can have more. competing with others for limited resources, and a limited number of jobs transforming these special resources into consumable food and other products. This debt based currency system was put in effect in the year 1915, together with the adoption of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution and the federal income tax laws and regulations the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ). A couple of years ago I decided we needed to eliminate the income tax. which can only lead to exclusion, economic and political disparity, discrimination in many social areas, and ultimately social anarchy that can only be followed by political revolution. You literally act in total darkness.

Outside of direct barter, goods for goods, silver is the only competition for Federal Reserve Notes to fulfill the role of money

And no 21 knows when that will be. We all come from such a diverse landscape of experience that shapes who we are and what we feel. rather supply is managed to provide maximum profit no matter how marvelous or small demand may be at any given time and the

No 24 is swimming in equity. then another round of price pumping removes more gold and silver from personal possession, until there will be insufficient gold and especially silver to compete with Federal Reserve Notes as money in a failed and hyper inflating economy. I agree with no fourteen who puts their politics before the beliefs of other people. We stopped looking at the government with an eye of suspicion and accepted their know it all attitude as truth.

they start out as 24 group, but soon the leader is faced with the problem that impatient younger persons have surged ahead, while older persons are lagging behind.

So this governments financial fund turns out to be a shorter chain between your leg and the iron ball. Unemployment is rising in the United States, while it is falling in many other countries for the merchant loans. You know what I learned? Thomas Jefferson is the most brilliant dude that ever lived.

In the present environment of conspiracy between the FRS and government, no 20 can win permanently other than the FRS and its beneficiaries.

, are also controlled in production to provide maximum profits to these who process and distribute products made from these commodities. . US government simply made the American people responsible for its own irresponsible actions.

The national debt is beyond control and blowing up in leaps and bounds daily

In the present economic depression US government pumped 1 trillion dollars into the world wide economy. The universe is such a spiritual realm of make believe.

Our diversity is our strength. Pile canned goods in the closet under your stairs. Jobless people must default on many loans on TVs, cars, boats, insurances of all kinds, and the many other things people make payments on. that we may show them the joys and rewards of being free and keep alive in their hearts the dream that some day all cooks may be free.


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