Tips That Will Make Men Want to Be With You!

Come on, admit it. You’ll fully aware of the power women have over men. If you’re honest, you’ll admit that sometimes you subconsciously influence men with your femininity without even realizing it. We all do it, but some women are so innately good at it, they’ve raised flirting to an art form.

Chicks know what gets men going. We’ve all caught men looking when they think we’re not. We all have an outfit that consistently gets a response, a perfume, a saunter, a certain look.

We definitely know it when we see other gals doing it! We’ve all watched another broad tilt her head in a certain way as a man spoke or put her hand on his arm just so, and we know what she’s doing.

Want to get better at flirting yourself? You’re likely surrounded by men every day. Think of them as test dummies. Rehearse with the men you already know and delight in making them shiver with yearning.

Feign being demure. Men are suckers for a gal who’s coy. Flirt just enough to make him wonder, is she flirting with me? Then stop short. You’ll have them eating out of your hand.

Exude self-assurance. Think about the hottest man you know. What’s the first thing you noticed about him? Probably the fact that he carried himself like he’s all that, a bag of chips and coke. The funny thing about sex appeal is it’s contagious, but people catch it from you. If you are convinced you’re the hottest thing in the yard then you will be.

Lose Your Inhibitions. Flirting is supposed to be fun. If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong. Reflect on the folks you have the most fun with. They’re having fun themselves. Fun breeds more fun. People who are fun are uninhibited, unconcerned about what other people think.

We all secretly want the men around us to get excited in anticipation of seeing us. The mere thought of us should carry him away. Exercise that innate female power of seduction and watch the wagging tongues around you.

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