Treat Women Like Your Bratty Little Sister

Guys, I know you want to get hotter women on a much more frequent basis. I want to give you some information and some tips that will help this happen. I’ve studied women and how to seduce them for a long time, and what I’ve discovered blew me away. This will change your mind set and the way you interact and approach women. For the better.

You see, women want a man that others would consider an Alpha male. With all the bad romantic comedies out there, men are sent a message that women want sensitive guys. I’m here to tell you this isn’t the truth. In fact, it’s a bold face lie. Women want a guy that is masculine, and that presents a challenge.

This all comes down to science at the root. Since we were cave men women have desired a guy that is the leader, that can take care of their offspring, that will bring home food and protect them. Even though women have careers nowadays, they still want a guy that presents that challenge. So how can you be challenging to women?

First, stop spending your money on buying them dinners or gifts. They may say that they want this, but I have hooked up with so many girls after just buying them a cup of coffee.

The next thing you need to do is start teasing them. You want to poke fun at them but in a very playful, lighthearted manner. Women are so used to having men cater to their every whim that the man that doesn’t do this turns them on. Treat them like your bratty little sister and they will melt in your hands. Why? Because you have become a challenge. Because you have become the Alpha male that they desire.

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