Use a good fuel catalyst at fill-ups

Injectors with excessive deposits have poor spray patterns that can cost you 2 to 15% in fuel economy. Those deposits are caused by poor quality fuel. Since ’95 the EPA has required all gasoline to have deposit-control additives. But about half of all gasoline on the market is lowest additive concentration (LAC) gasoline, which barely meets the regulation and contributes to excessive deposits. What can you do? First, try a fuel catalyst not a fuel additive like PetroMaxx Plus. PetroMaxx Plus works in all hydrocarbon engines that use petroleum based fuels. This includes automobiles, diesel trucks, diesel engines in cars and factories, RV’s, motorcycles, boats, tractors, lawnmowers, chainsaws, generators and more. PetroMaxx Plus can be used in gasoline, diesel, RFG, Biodiesel and propane.

When PetroMaxx Plus is incorporated into a fuel mixture, it enables combustion to occur at lower temperatures which results in a more complete burn of all types of fuel. When fuel burns better, the result is reduced emissions and increased horsepower. This improved burning of your fuel will prevent carbon deposit build-up in the combustion chamber of an engine and actually causes the removal of existing deposits of carbon. Many people will notice their Spark Plugs will be cleaner and last longer. By producing less carbon in your engine, your oil will also stay cleaner longer. Cleaner Spark Plugs and Cleaner Oil will result in a significant reduction in tune-ups and oil changes.

MORE COMPLETE BURN: Imagine what would happen if you went from burning 85% of the fuel in the combustion chamber to 98%? This more complete burn results in increased energy use, reduced emissions, increased horsepower and bottom line performance.

PetroMaxx Plus will start cleaning your engine, and then keep your engine clean! For more information about this go to

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