Using Affiliate Marketing With A Blog

Blogging has become one of the easiest ways someone can create a dynamic presence for their online business.  The reason so many people choose to use blogging is you do not need to know html, xml, xhtml, css, or php to create the presence since everything can be done using the control panel.  This has lead to an explosion of blogs across the internet and has also allowed anyone who is interested the chance to begin earning money online.  To begin a blog you will need to first chose who you will be using.  The free blogging services include and  These services are great for those who really are not sure whether they want to be an online business owner.  If you are certain that online business is for you then I highly recommend purchasing a hosting package from a well known carrier.  The hosting service I am using right now is and I chose the service for its record and customer service.

Now you have a blog up and running it is important to monetize.  Traffic and popularity are great, but without monetization it is impossible to begin earning money.  Monetization is the process of placing links or ads on your site with an attempt to begin earn money from the traffic that comes to your presence.  There are many ways to monetize a presence and one of the easiest for new online business owners is affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other peoples products or services for a commission. The commission will be determined on the site you are using and the products you sale.

Before you begin affiliate marketing it will be important to choose the programs you want to market.  There are some major sites that have affiliate programs including ebay, amazon, and walmart just to name a few.  Now before choosing you should look for smaller affiliate programs that are extremely targeted towards your niches audience.  There are so many programs out on the web it is important to investigate all possible programs that are related to your niche.

Now that you have a few programs picked out you should start thinking about the specific products you would like to market on your presence.  When picking products they should be products that fills an audience need.  This will ensure that the demand for your product is up and will increase the conversion rate of the product.  The conversion rate is the amount of people that come to your site compared to the amount of people who actually purchase your products.  When affiliate marketing with a blog never forsake content and implement a spammy ad in its place.  You want to mix quality unique related content in with your small endorsement of the affiliate product.

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