Want to Know How Repair a Paper Jam in the Scanner Part 2

Often the condition of the paper or the way it’s loaded can cause paper to get jammed. You will see the paper gliders both length & width slide them to the maxium. Find the stack of paper your looking for and look it over to see if theres no issue with it. If you find any damage paper then toss it out. If you see any ripped, wrinkled and/or curled sheet of paper. Make sure that there are at-least ten sheets of plain white paper, but, no more than twenty-five sheets of paper in the multifunction printer stack. The copier can hold more sheets of paper, but this number is best for testing. Be sure the paper is the same type and size then line them up proper.

Lastly, load the paper in the input tray until it stops. Adjust the paper width guide until it stops at the edge of the paper. Do this for the paper length too. Do not push either guide in so tightly that it bends that paper. Press retry on the error message or attempt to print from the primary document. Choose retry on the error message or attempt to reprint from the program on your PC. If the page prints successfully then the issue is solved. If the page does not print then continue on to the next step.

Next, we wil be certain that the paper settings in the faxes match the settings. On your computer open a document from the multifunction printer you are trying to print from. Select the file, then click print and then click properties, and if the properties dialogue box opens. Take a glance at the the paper/quality tab, find the size theres a drop down menu and choose the appropriate paper type, click OK & click okay again to print the document Your finish if the paper prints correctly. If not then go on to the next step.

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