What Makes Guys So Attractive to Women

How many times have you asked yourself what makes some guys so attractive to women? Is it money, is it looks, is it power, is it fame? All of these things play a part in attractiveness, but they are all linked together by a common trait. All of these things have something to do with confidence.

It’s pretty widely known and agreed upon that confident men do better in almost all areas. They are more successful in business and sports, and therefore generally make more money. Confident men are the “alpha males” of the human species.

To understand the power of confidence, one should begin to think of other indicators of success, whether they be financial or amorous, as results of confident behavior rather than traits themselves. The alpha male naturally dominates any situation he finds himself in an thus enjoys frequent success.

So the next time you see the rich guy with the women flocking to him, don’t console yourself by giving all the credit to his bank account. The same guy, should he decide to be a wandering artist instead of an investment banker, would likely have the same success with the ladies, simply as a result of the air of confidence he exudes. Therefore, the best strategy isn’t to imitate just his finances, but the entire way he views himself and his place in the world. He is an alpha male and is in full control of his surroundings. Learn from him. Become him.

The amazing thing is that you can change your situation right now. It is possible.

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