Why Nice Guys Don’t Get the Girl

Guys, I know where you’re coming from because I’ve been there. Be lonely isn’t fun. It took me awhile but after studying everything I could about women I started figuring them out. And once I did, my dating life became so much better. And this is exactly what I want for you. So here are the top two tips to start attracting women faster.

This first piece of advice is going to save your hard earned money. Stop spending money on women. It doesn’t lead to attraction, it only leads to affection. And affection doesn’t get women to sleep with you. Spending money on a girl should be a reward for something they have done for you. You see, a girl knows from the moment that she sees you whether she’s going to sleep with you are not. Start with coffee. I have had more girls come home with me after an inexpensive cup of coffee than anything else.

The other thing need to do is get your confidence into place. Women like a challenge. They may tell you that they don’t, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s human nature. Women want what they can’t have. You need to present a challenge. How do you do this?

By mastering what I like to refer to as the art of not caring. It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about a girl, it means that you don’t care what she thinks about you. These are the type of men that women love. They couldn’t care less whether a girl is into them or not. And that naturally makes a girl want them. It seems backwards, but it is the truth. This is what the Alpha male knows and now you know it as well. That’s all it takes.

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