Why You Need to Be a Challenge If You Want to Make the Women Love You

Guys, if you want more women in your life than you need this. I was once like you. I thought getting chicks was one of the hardest things possible. So I began to do some research on what it is that women are attracted to in a man. The results were surprising. And once I changed my game based upon my research, I had more women than I could handle. If you want more women than you can handle, then keep reading.

The thing that girls are more attracted to in men is confidence. I discovered that it didn’t really matter what a guy looked like. You know this is true, because you have all seen a really ugly guy with a hot girl on his arm. How do you think that ugly guy got that girl? Because he had massive self confidence. And that is absolutely what you need to have. That is the big secret that Alpha Males understand naturally.

As I watched and studied men that were masters of picking up women, I noticed something else. These guys liked to bust women’s chops. They made fun of them. They weren’t intimidated by them. They didn’t buy them drinks, in fact, they were bold enough to ask the girl that they were talking to to buy them a drink. And the women loved it. Why?

Because these men stood out. Women were so used to getting hit on that a guy that did the opposite was a complete turn on and a complete challenge. You see, when women go out they know that they can by choice go home with almost any man they meet. And that doesn’t interest them. They want the guy that is a challenge. And that is what an Alpha male is. A challenge.

And that is why you need to become the Alpha male. You need to be a challenge. Yes, there’s more to it than just this, but this is the number one thing.

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