With Classic Dressy Rolex Prince Watch to fit with Your Finest Tuxedo

When talk about Rolex watches, people would mention their most famous Oyster Perpetual and Professional watches. When people think of Rolex watches, they imagine the bi-color Rolex Datejust, the all Gold Day-Date or the black and silver Rolex Submariner. There are many dress watches in this brand were created since its inception. One of the dress watches of Rolex watches is the Cellini Prince. The Prince line of watches traces its heritage way back to 1928, thereby having an older heritage than the Datejust, and Day-Date and Submariners which only date to the 40s and 50s.

The Rolex Cellini Prince line is available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, all feature rectangular cases. The rectangular case house the finely made Rolex caliber 1036 manual winding movement which can be viewed through a clear case back. Manual winding movements and clear case backs are not common features in contemporary Rolex watches.

The movement of Prince watch is also different from other Rolex watches, because like the case, the movement is also rectangular in shape. The movement has its winding barrel at one end and a large balance at the other end. This theoretically allows a larger barrel, which in turn allows for a longer mainspring and a longer power reserve. Meanwhile, this layout allows for a larger balance in a small watch, which theoretically increases the accuracy.

The Prince watch is simple time telling watch, which displays the hours and seconds on separate sub-dials. The dial itself is heavily decorated with a black and pink Rayon Flamme de la Gloire dial design. The watch is completed with a leather strap which adds to the classic dress watch look.

Though this Rolex Prince watch model is not the first model that most people would think of when they think Rolex watches, it is the watch that is able to sport you the classic dressy sense when you are wearing your finest tuxedo.
 Here we begin with a story. Benvenuto Cellini was a 16th century Italian sculptor, painter, goldsmith and musician during the Renaissance. He was known as an important and influential member of the Mannerism artistic movement, which traces its influences to such luminaries as Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, and even early Michelangelo. He was really a great image at that time and even in today.

Therefore, it is nothing strange for Rolex watches to exclusively create a collection that named after Cellini. We all know that is the common convention of Rolex watches. The Cellini Rolex watches were made in part to pay homage to and capture the spirit of this master artist and craftsman. Much like the Presidents Rolex, the Cellini model is a dressy elegant line of watches designed for more formal occasions and attire. And much like the kings and queen for which Cellini himself created many of his finest works of art, wearing a Cellini Rolex watch will make you feel like aristocracy, even though there is not any “blue blood” through your veins at all. The modern Cellini collection comprises of a number of different styles. Notable among them include the men’s and ladies Quartz, the Orchid, the Cellinium, the Cestello, the Danaos and the Price. Here we put our focus on two styles of them.

The Prince style is a men’s Cellini Rolex and is noted by its rectangular shape and transparent backing, which offers a view of the watch’s inner movement. The Prince also has a smaller than normal dial and hand-wound movement. The Prince style is available in 18k yellow gold, white gold or Everose gold, and completed with stylish black or brown leather strap. The Cellini Prince model is a much refined watch that could be worn to formal or discreet occasion. Just like its name indicates, the watch is just like a decent prince.
Anyway, the Cellini collection of Rolex watches is the blue blood among numerous watch models, and wearing one could surely add the feel of aristocracy to you.


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