Advantages Of Insurance- A Comparative Study

Everyone is acquainted with the term ‘insurance’.   To be brief, insurance is a type of risks management program to provide the ring of safeguards to man for getting out of the crisis.  Insurance is one of the financial products which offer the readymade financial backups to insured persons who will be benefited during emergency.  There are different types of insurance package like life, health, auto, retirement, and home refinancing insurance policies. You must choose the particular insurance policies which will give you a powerful platform to overtake the imminent pecuniary crisis. 


However, simultaneously, the roles of insurance companies are varied and you will have to update your mind regarding the pros of the insurances.  Insurance is not a boomerang. Nor is it something poisonous to dampen the financial career. It is straightforward in backing insured persons to shove the way through troubles. The advantages in the usage of insurance lie in the flexible handling, easy to regulate, first hand financial aids, low interest rates, variations in insurance plans and finally online transaction facility.  For this reason, insurance is becoming the reliable source of getting financial support during the downtime.


Online insurance coverage is more cost effective. The hassle free dealing via online portals is definitely beneficial to common persons who want special backups to revamp the loss.  A competent insurance company always tries to compensate a policy holder so that he can survive in the long run.  Before the application of the insurance policies, you must have an understandable conception about variable and invariable rates, types of premiums, fluctuation in the rates of interest and change in the format of insurance coverage keeping in touch with requirements of people.  


Prior to put your signature on the contract to get insurance package, you will have to learn what sort of insurance policy you are interested to take. What are variable and invariable interest rates?  What is premium?   A cost effective insurance is always user-friendly to an insured guy.  To resist severe financial crunch, you need a specially designed insurance package. Check online quotes to have right premium rates and available insurance packages which have been launched so far.


United India Insurance and Tata AIG Life Insurance


United India Insurance serves for humans who need financial assistance on flexible terms.  If you backtrack to check the historical records preserved in the archive of this insurance company, you will be pleased to learn that the journey started long way back to 1938.  After being nationalized, this insurance company has launched a number of growth oriented insurance policies for the benefits of general folks. This company has also taken care of the interests of women, kids and the victims.  The success of this company didn’t take place overnight. Nor is it a game played by the company to enlarge the business. It has done a wonderful job by implementing several philanthropic projects which cover the various areas of interests.   For instance, its massive achievement lies in the implementation of a growth oriented powerful Universal Health insurance program to safeguard the health of juvenile community, geriatric society and under-privileged class. It has gained success in reaching the grass root of the society overstepping the occlusion and barriers to facilitate the most disadvantageous communities in the backcountry.





However, this United India Insurance Company has a lot of hidden loopholes. This company has a less powerful consumers’ redressal forum to solve the long standing shortcomings.   It must channelize the administrative power to the higher echelon of the management to supervise the transactionmore competently.

Tata AIG Life Insurance Company is always thinking for all irrespective of social and religious barriers.  This insurance company has had a vision to bring more speed to the enlargement of insurance coverage to boost up different communities of the society.  It has already backfires several performance based insurance packages which are both beneficial and advantageous to every class of the society.   For instance, Tata AIG Life Star kid ensures the health, education and security of kids.  This childcare insurance policy will give financial support to your children in future for completion of studies and celebration of marriage.


However Tata AIG Insurance Company is still searching for better customer care service.  The insured persons are being affected by poor correspondence and inordinate delays in getting response.  This company should feel the pulse rates of those citizens living in the far flung areas.  They are still neglected due to a lack of communication networks.

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