Article Marketing Versus Blog Commenting

Let’s take a comparison of article marketing and blog commenting to see which method might be more appropriate for generating links and publicity for your website.

Blog commenting can be an exceptionally good way to generate links, authority and traffic for your website if done well.  Are you one of the people who does it well though?  It takes a little while and a lot of trial and error before you learn how to do it properly.  Blog commenting is much faster for generating links because it takes you less time to write a comment than to write an article.  If you spent a half hour blog commenting or a half hour writing articles for publicity, you are going to get more links in the half hour spent blog commenting.

When it comes to generating traffic per link, then article marketing is generally superior.  One blog comment is not likely to be seen by very many people unless you really put a lot of effort into getting it.  Let’s save that tactic for another article.  Articles on the other hand, if properly done, can be seen by a steady stream of people over a period of years.  Blog comments quickly get buried deep into an active blog.

Articles are much better at showcasing your knowledge.  There is only so much you can fit into a blog comment.  If your comment gets too long, some webmasters won’t approve it.  It will look like you are trying to hog the blog post.  You can be as thorough as you want to be in an article which means you can really show off your experience.  You don’t have to worry about losing ten minutes worth of great content after you hit the submit button because some webmaster didn’t want to give you credit for your comment.

With articles it is much easier to get a link with the anchor text you are looking for.  If you try to do that using blog comments you are going to get labeled as a spammer pretty darn quickly.  There are ways to do it with comments but you have to know how and your opportunities are limited.  So, writing and publishing articles is definitely better for generating backlinks with the ideal anchor text for your site.

Some people like to use comments because they can get them onto niche related blogs so that way the links come from relevant websites.  That is a smart idea.  You can do the same thing with articles though.  You can extend your article marketing efforts to include guest blogging also.  In fact, if you’re smart you will do as much guest blogging on related niche blogs as you possibly can.  Those articles are worth even more than a typical article directory would be.  Guest blogging is just another form of article marketing.

End Result

Both methods are effective.   Blog commenting is a great way to build up domain authority because it can be done so quickly.  Article marketing is a great way to establish yourself as an industry authority and to generate semi-permanent backlinks that use the ideal anchor text for deep pages.

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