Best Wireless Router

The idea of the best one thing, the best wireless routers 2013, for instance, is a well-liked one, but also somewhat misguided. The best wi-fi router for one particular person, after all, may not be the most effective wireless router for an additional person. A gamer, for example, will likely not want the same wireless modem as a person starting a new, Wi-Fi enabled home entertainment system.

The best wireless router for the gamer in the above example would likely be a wireless router that had quality of service configurations that made the particular router suitable for gaming. For gaming, it is very important be able to set aside a particular percentage of the bandwith available for gaming. Normally a significant percentage. Some other uses for the internet relationship, such as browsing the net or downloading, would then also get a specific allocation of data transfer.
In this way, the wi-fi router optimizes the actual gaming experience without significantly impacting the experience of the other network consumers. This is a good description of the the best wireless router for a gamer could be.

For the installer of your new home entertainment system from the example over, however, the best cellular router would likely be completely different. A person in that situation would need a wireless router that had the dual wedding ring feature, so that they may connect their home enjoyment equipment to the wi-fi network without badly impacting the user experience of others using the interconnection, on a laptop, as an illustration.
Such a person may additionally want a wireless switch with a USB slot, so that they could put an external hard drive upon wireless network, where media could be streamed to either a TV or perhaps stereo that was additionally connected to the network.

Clearly, then, the best wi-fi router in all these examples is very distinct. There is very likely a wireless router that overlaps the requirements each user, and might be considered the best cellular router for either user, but maybe not.
Whatever the case, you ought to stop, before you go searching for the best wireless hub, and think about exactly what your networking needs are.

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