Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces may be challenging to decorate during the holidays, but this dilemma is actually a great chance to set off those creative juices and accomplish a unique home design. In fact, small spaces are fitting for holiday get-togethers because they foster a cozy atmosphere. Never mind that you can’t fit the traditional full-sized Christmas tree—there are many alternatives to enjoy the Christmas spirit to the fullest. Here are some of them:

Set Up an Alternative Tree

You don’t have to squeeze together furniture to make way for a tall artificial Christmas tree. Opt for tabletop or mini trees to keep the clutter away. White and colored artificial trees are great choices as they stand out and serve as the focal point of your holiday décor even with a just a few ornaments. A modern alternative is a wall decal forming a tree design.

If you’re up for some arts and crafts, make a cardboard tree. Simply cut out four tree shapes from cardboards, cutting out holes for hanging ornaments, and then mount them on a small piece of wood. You can make several small ones arranged on a shelf or a bigger single tree for the corner table.

Welcome guests with a tree made of decorated twigs arranged in a tall container by the door. Even the mug tree can look Christmas-y by hanging candy canes and other treats on it or a tiered serving tray with a mix of ornaments and fruits.

Maximize Space

Hang Christmas ornaments from the ceiling like balls or snowflake trinkets. Frame family Christmas photos and create a photo wall or hang a series of ceramic wall décor. You may not have a fireplace but you can hang hooks tied with ribbons on a shelf ledge.

Embellish with Lights and Garlands

Lights never fail to bring holiday cheer, so string them up some Christmas lights on the frame of windows, doorways, and mirrors. Scented candles also beautifully light up homes and invigorate rooms with a refreshing ambiance. Wreaths and garlands are your other best friends. Place a wreath on doors and drape garlands around windows and the staircase, if you have one.

Transform Everyday Items into Décor

Books arranged in a tree-like shape and placed on a corner table or fruits arranged in a winding pile in a glass bowl bring on the Christmas spirit. Using curtains and linens with holiday symbols or colors also fill your home with a festive holiday ambiance.

Bring in the green

Christmas plants are perfect holiday design elements because of their vibrant colors and the lively ambiance they instill. Let your home come alive with some potted poinsettia, Christmas cactus, or kalanchoes.

You don’t need a big space to enjoy the holidays. With some creativity and imagination, even the smallest room can make a big Christmas statement. Happy decorating!

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