Demolish Your Network Business With Free MLM Training

Most people involved in network marketing are a little like ourselves I suppose. We get by each month and get the opportunity to include a new person here and there. We follow all the right advice from our uplines, this is usually along the lines of reassurance that we should continue doing what we are doing and wait for the day it comes together. But hey, we are human too the urge to sneak a peek at all the free information available online. This isn’t so bad, most of what we read is confirming that we are already doing all the right things; occasionally something really stands out as being new advice that might be worth a shot, this is when my heart races a little faster and my enthusiasm is renewed a little more.

I found some serious education where some clown was asking up to $10,000 to teach me the secrets of growing my downline. I can’t say that I wasn’t tempted, everything that was said sounded like it was perfect for me. What I really wanted was tested and proven marketing MLM network training that works. But there was a whole heap of free information on the internet, so off I went on my own little search for all the free information I could use. Every now and then I would buy a $50 eBook or spend just a little on a CD, or something else that my upline would recommend. Nothing seemed to be working. My results were the same week after week. I concluded that free MLM training doesn’t work.

Eventually it came to me like a lightning bolt. I lacked the one thing that was essential to running a successful MLM company, professional training. As it worked out this was a life changing direction for me. I had taken a few free MLM training classes but found that it really doesn’t work. After investing just a little into tested and proven marketing MLM network training I found myself making lots of money. Before I invested in genuine MLM training my average monthly profit was just $100.The verdict was free MLM training doesn’t work but tested and proven marketing MLM network training really works.

They money I invested in genuine profession MLM training was absolutely money invested well. The true power of multi level marketing it seems is in tested and proven marketing MLM network training because it has been tried and proven to work. The answer was so clear that I just don’t understand why I did not see it before. Perhaps I was blinded by the desperate hype of free MLM training that simply doesn’t work.

Here are the facts on free MLM training and proof that it doesn’t work in a simple sum
– Start with amount of your earning for the last three months
– multiply it by 4 to give you the sum of your yearly projection
– Imagine you may have come across a few gems and have a good month or two, so we will double that sum.
Now here’s the fun part. Take the sum of the first steps and consider this your “now” money. Let’s pretend that you have taken what you have learnt from your tested and proven marketing MLM network training to see how it works. You get to add 20 to 30 people to your business every week. We will call this “potential” money.

– Deduct your “now” money from your “potential” money
– Your answer goes here.

Although you may be frightened by this result it is not recommended that we should rush out and pay good money on the next super advertisement you see for some miraculous MLM training program. You must be certain that the program you are investing in is tested and proven marketing MLM network training presented by an expert who will guarantee that it works. In fact you want this guarantee in writing and for it to clearly state that guaranteed return of at least 10 times your original investment. Better still; why not expect this result within just 12 months. I’m sure there might be a few MLM training “experts” that might claim this, just to be sure that your selected MLM network training is genuine and true to their word demand a money back guarantee, in writing of course.

It’s time to stop wasting our valuable time on free MLM training that doesn’t work and start seeing real results and success with tested and proven marketing MLM network training that works.

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