Does HCG Diet Work: How Effective is a HCG Diet Program?

HCG Diet Program has become a very popular weight loss program. Surveys show that a good number of people who were suffering from obesity have benefited from this treatment. Yet HCG’s over-the-counter availability casts shadow of doubt over its efficacy and many still wonder: Does HCG Diet Work? However, if surveys are anything to go by, HCG has indeed worked for many people looking to overcome weight loss resistance. The treatment comes in 4 week and 6 week programs and people are generally known to lose 15-20 pounds in a month’s time from the start of the program.

The treatment makes use of a natural hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone is found in women during pregnancy. It is claimed that a small dosage of HCG makes the hypothalamus area to release abnormal fat into bloodstream. However, this alone does not perform the weight loss. The HCG diet program is a combination of HCG dosage and a very low calorie diet (typically 500-800 calorie a day) during the course of the program. The low calorie diet ensures that the abnormal fat that is being released into the bloodstream is then used for nourishment purposes. The program also claims that HCG only removes abnormal fat, that is fat from stubborn areas like hips, thighs etc, and does not affect muscle tissues or structural fat.

There are also two different ways that HCG is administered. One can either use the sublingual drops which are placed under the patient’s tongue or there is the HCG injection which administers a HCG shot into your muscle tissue. HCG is also advertised as a homeopathic treatment.

As for its efficacy, many users of the program have expressed their satisfaction regarding the treatment. People on the program reportedly lose 0.5-1 pound every day and it is also claimed that most of them have been able to keep from gaining weight afterward, too. Like every medication or drug, HCG may generate adverse reaction in some people, just like certain foods cause allergies to some people. The risk is no greater than that. Moreover, since HCG is a homeopathic medicine, it does not come with negative side effects. The worst that may happen is that you fail to lose any considerable amount of weight.

Although HCG is available over-the-counter, you can still consult a doctor before starting the program. He will be able to advice you on the right HCG diet program (4-week or 6-week) to follow. The 6-week program keeps one day off every week to resist tolerance for HCG. Again, if users’ response is to be believed, the answer to the question- does HCG diet work- has to be in affirmative. In addition to losing weight, many users also claim that they have noticed drops in blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar during and after the completion of the program.

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