Extreme Diesel Performance Part – Blue Water Fishing Classic

Extreme Diesel Performance Part – Blue Water Fishing Classic


The standard diesel performance mods and are ready for extreme diesel performance there are some common diesel performance products that you should be aware of.

If extreme diesel performance is your goal, then the most common diesel performance parts to put on your truck after the typical chip, intake and exhaust are larger injectors, a larger turbo and possibly an upgraded injection pump or lift pump.

Larger Injectors

Part of this equation for much more horsepower is more fuel. By putting more fuel to the cylinder you’ll have the ability to increase torque and horsepower, the thing which most individuals do not know about bigger injectors is they also increase gas mileage.

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Dodge Diesel Performance Parts and Cummins Performance Parts also help to improve the performance of your vehicle.

The majority of the misunderstanding stems in the language itself, naturally if people hear “bigger injectors” they only naturally believe the holes are likely to be larger when in all actuality injectors get bigger in a few ways, the dimensions of these holes at the injectors and the amount of holes at the injectors.

Increasing the dimensions of these holes is usually achieved in a couple different ways, first is by laser cutting and moment is a procedure called extrude honing.

There’s been a disagreement about which procedure is better yet our experience has indicated that the extrude hone process allows for smoother holes at the injectors themselves permitting an increase in gas mileage.


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