Friday – The very best Day For a Website Position

In an old write-up I composed, I figured it didn’t matter whenever you list your internet site available for purchase with Flippa. If you always ensure that your web sites show exceptional valuation with attributes such as revenue, site visitors, its own concept or a top-notch domain name, then a timing had not been really an aspect because good internet sites will always market.

In addition, I recommended that you collection your website through a full weekend for the most direct exposure. A saturday and sunday is described as Exclusive night through Sunday night, consequently in the matter of the 3-day public sale, you must list upon Thursday or Fri nighttime.

Playing with reviewing product sales data coming from Flippa. com, however , it would appear that Saturday is the foremost day time to list your website. In line with the May 2010 sales information, 261 on the one, 460 prosperous sales were listed on a Thursday. Friday put into practice closely behind with 250 detailed. The weekdays had essentially the most listings throughout May compared to the week-ends.

Considering that Wednesday and Fri have been determined as the greatest days to record your website on the market, it would be helpful to determine what auction durations might be best. Thankfully, data for your duration seemed to be collected from Flippa. com as well.

The 7-day or fewer auctions were by far the most profitable. Your data specifically confirmed that almost all purchased websites were on the auction block for just 1 week, and the most were simply up for public sale for 3 time for listings added onto Friday. As you might think different strong time, Friday, most purchased within 1 to 3 days and nights.


List your website product sales on Wednesday or perhaps Friday with a duration of 7 days or fewer. While, the information shows these kind of as the two strong time, keep in mind that you will need to produce a quality website to ensure a sale in this particular competitive web site flipping industry.

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