Get Event Bars for Your Special Occasion Parties

Get Event Bars for Your Special Occasion Parties, events and gatherings will always be great if there are great tasting drinks available for all guests. However, not all venues for your planned events offer drinks and liquor. You can have an after party for your guests after the event in a bar or club, but not all of them can come since it would be an extra hassle for them to go to another venue. Some may complain that the bar is too far for them to go to. Also, not all guests can be accommodated in the club or bar unless you have it closed for a private party; however that can cost you a lot of money. If you want to have great liquor and drinks in your party or event that is hassle free and carries a reasonable price tag, you can hire Bartender Specialties and have them setup event bars all over your party’s or event’s venue to give your guests many great tasting and unique drinks that they will surely enjoy. Easy Mobile Bar Rental for Your Event Handling the setup of drink tables, preparation of liquor concoctions and bar arrangements can take a lot of effort and time to pull off. In the end, the results might not be what you expected. For a better outcome with little hassle, leave it to the experts. Bartender Specialties offers all the equipment and ingredients that you need in order to have a fully functional event bar that offers many cocktails and unique drink concoctions to satisfy all of the guests present in the event. The mobile bar service offers a wide selection of liquor like wines, beers, champagnes and cocktails Making for your guests to enjoy. Bartender Specialties can even offer finger foods to go along with your guests drinks. Along with the drinks and finger foods, the service also includes bar entertainment, bartenders, glasses, bar equipment, delivery and collection, set up and clean up and many more. This comprehensive package means that you simply just hire Bartender Specialties and leave them to do their magic to your party. Mobile Bars for Rent at a Reasonable Price Closing down a bar for your guests to party in could cost thousands, which you will need to add to your venue expenses. In some cases, this rate may not even include food and drinks. Having Bartender Specialties set up event bars in your party or special occasion will only cost you $10-15 per person, for a minimum total amount of $300. For that affordable price, you give your guests free drinks for 2 hours; not bad for the price. As a bonus, you and your guests also get to enjoy a signature concoction specially made for your event alone. In addition, you do not need to pay for another venue as well, since you can have your party in the same venue where your event is held. Acquiring Bartender Specialties mobile bar and event bar services is a practical way to give your guests a fun party after the event.

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