How to maintenance the circuit system of concrete mixer truck

The circuit system of concrete mixer truck maintenance is one of the core content of the mixer truck maintenance, especially for factory use mixer truck, every year more than three years to repair a thorough the the truck mixer circuit system maintenance is critical. Hubei Heli mixer truck prompt mixer trucks fuel consumption increases suddenly, not normal, then you should go to the repair shop to check the mixer truck the oil and circuit general, if the the mixer truck the oil and circuit failure, engine work will increase the amount of fuel injection, the natural fuel consumption also increases. 

 1 rim quality have protection 

With good tires, but also better quality wheels. We chose the rim, must pay attention to its size and quality. Clean up the wheels on the impurities (must not have the debris left internal) coated with soap and water, in the week of the rim and tire combination. At this point, you also need a suitable tire mat, in order to reduce the wear and tear of tires and wheels. 

2 to be a “dynamic balance”, in fact, is critical 

The truck mixer people know fill tires when the tires do “dynamic balance”. But for mixer truck tires need to do the “dynamic balance”, most people would think that is not necessary. This is not right, from the production process, in terms of the density of the rims and tires in the production process is not a hundred percent the same, resulting in different centrifugal force of its various parts in the high-speed operation passed to the tire, causing the tire wear uneven; transmitted to the body, causing the truck mixer running shivering. Reduce operating costs for driving comfort and safety; Xiaobian recommended each fill tires gave your tires to be a “dynamic balance”! 

3.Tire pressure standard learned reasonable inflatable Less loss 

The tire pressure values ​​are marked on each tire, domestic widespread overload, unreasonable inflatable, this is not taken. Tire pressure is too high or too low, will lead to increased wear of the tread, or even a flat tire. We can in accordance with the standard of tire pressure increased by 5% to 10%, reasonable according to the respective axes of the load on each tire pressurization. It is worth noting that, coaxially of the tire, tire pressure must be consistent. In the day-to-day driving the process which must do always check to ensure the normal use of the mixer truck tire. 

Tire running resistance and ground lead to increased tire temperature, tire pressure increase, is likely to cause a puncture. Now more popular on the market by adding nitrogen to the tires, Xiaobian think this is a good solution. 

Note: tire inflation process, be sure to do the protection work, this is a very dangerous thing 

4. Purchase is very important the the mixer truck tires, Note specifications 

When you buy a mixer truck tire models marked it as simple as: 1200R20 (tire there are many marked, such as tire pressure, speed, etc. Due to space reasons, there will not repeat them), 1200 tire transection surface 12 inches; R is the meridional structure, generally wire; 20 is the assembly of the hub is 20 inches. Purchase, be sure to pay attention to their truck mixer load, traveling the road to buy tires. , Xiao Bian recommend you card members in the case of the economy allows, try to choose a better tire, not only security and after-sale protection, mixer truck driving safety and cost will drop as many. 

Road tire, good anti-sticking essential 

Tire to buy back after the card may not pay attention to the faithful, mounted directly on the bus. Wait until after the flat tire use, only to find, inner tubes and tire firmly stick together. Exhausted tremendous efforts, finally disconnect the inner tube – just part of the inner tube, there are still some sticking to the tire can not pull it down. This is necessary before tire mounted on the mixer truck tire apart, now see the S & P is sprinkled with talcum powder isolation between the inner tire.

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