Project Pointe – Miami City Ballet, Yobe Photography, Ozcar G. Couture, as well as Leonor Anthony

MIAMI, FL (October 1, 2012) – At the forefront for the 2012-2013 period open of the Miami City Ballet, Haute Couture Designer Ozcar G., Craft Photographer Yobe and Painter Leonor Anthony fused arts to produce a fundraiser towards the Shoe Fund of the Miami City Ballet by way of Project Pointe. This collaborative hard work between fashion designer, art work photographer, and plumber produced a final final result to be exhibited and also auctioned during the starting night. Project Pointe had been imagined by Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg, to be able to raise funds on the costly toe sneakers worn by ballerinas, pointe shoes last for a single performance only, and also the Miami City Ballroom dancers go through greater than 3,000 sets per season having an average cost of $70 every pair. A one-night-only event will be planned for Friday, October 19, 2012 in the Adrienne Arsht Center for your Performing Arts – Peacock Wedding rehearsal Room as part of the Artist’s Circle VIP Reception. Your auction will be open to the general audience going to the performance that will night. Participants from the auction will be invited to the Artist’s Circle Dessert Reception post manufacturing, where the winners is going to be announced.
The demonstrate will feature a one-of-a-kind dress by designer Ozcar H. worn by major dancer Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg, which will be auctioned that night. Together with the dress there will be 5 one-of-a-kind pointe shoes beautifully ornamented by designer Ozcar G.- these bottom shoes have been in the past worn by the principal dancers for the 2012-2013 period (Tricia Albertson, Mary Carmen Catoya, Jeanette Delgado, and Patricia Delgado). “Every wedding dress I make includes a story and this certain one is very precious to me and I would like the Miami City Ballet and one extremely lucky lady to take it home possibly at the same time benefit this particular magnificent cause” said Ozcar H. when presenting this particular gown for the public auction.
As an integral area of the auction, Yobe, the photographer, contributed five photo taking master pieces and these pieces will be on display during the reception ahead of program one, in the intermissions and post production. The photographs show off the five principal performers wearing five special gowns by Ozcar Gary. and which are face mounted using a modern day and unique way on to acrylic. These fine art photographs also took place into a limited edition Poster developed by Yobe, which will be exhibited and also presented to the patrons of the Miami Metropolis Ballet whom provide donations above $100 in direction of Project Pointe. “Each of the ballerinas gave their best to Project Pointe along with the collaborative effort created a form groups which in turn became this phenomenal work of art and eventually will benefit the Miami City Ballet.” expressed photographer Yobe.
Beyond the auction items, musician Leonor Anthony has contributed one of her latest items painted in her type and created specifically to the Miami City Ballet, depicting ballerina pointe footwear expanded to a size of 36” X 48” – this particular oil over fabric masterpiece aptly named “In Her Shoes”. Leonor explains what inspired her “I chose to paint this particular impression because the shoes are the vehicle that enables the professional dancer to show us their craft. I wanted to state the wear and rip on the feet, and also the shoes. It’s truly a passion for beauty and a passion for dance.” Leonor’s piece adds greatly towards the greatest goal of Project Pointe. This exhibit goes seamlessly between haute couture, paintings and fine art photography. All of the parts explore rich smoothness and vibrant hues.
This entire body of work is heavily depending the classical tempos and imagery with the Ballet, executed simply by masters of their trade with one single purpose at heart: to support the Miami City Ballet in addition to their Shoe Fund. The entire auction could help elevate close to $100,000 for Project Pointe. For those desperate to attend the opening night of program one of the Miami City Ballet, remember to, visit for more information.
Regarding OZCAR G. COUTURE – Ozcar G. was born in Havana, Cuba in 1973 and at a very young age he realized fashion would likely reign his entire world. With an educational history that includes everything in the arts through dance academies for ballet, music training and theatrical overall performance -Ozcar G. was able to single-handedly acquired the necessary knowledge in fashion design. These types of artistic enrichments embodied by Ozcar H. brings his design to a cultural artistic approach. Every single achievement that he achieved began his interest and set your pet on a journey pertaining to his lifelong passion. This creative custom was able to leave behind the Cuban regime and move in Miami, where he opened their own atelier. He creates one-of-a-kind High fashion pieces to satisfy the most exquisite of preferences and each piece is actually carefully crafted using fine fabrics and embellished with a wonderful touch. He has enhanced his line with a very distinguished and exclusive clientele throughout Miami, Palm Seashore and New York. To learn more about Ozcar G. Couture go to:

ABOUT YOBE PHOTOGRAPHY – Yobe is a cuban artist lifted in Miami, Fla. He has always stood a fascination for cultural arts and has interacted generally institutes of the arts in Miami and New York. He at present collaborates with other artists to promote local charities and through his very own art-work, miami photographer. Yobe’s digital photography is often a narrative of real life. He’s the majority of proud of the art work he has produced that will made a positive influence in the world. More recently he or she is proud to have worked with with haute couture developer Ozcar G. and principal dancer Jennifer Carlynn Kronenberg in the initial creation of Project Pointe taking pictures of all of the principal ballroom dancers to create Fine Art Pictures donated towards this unique project. For more information on Yobe Digital photography visit:

ABOUT LEONOR ANTHONY – Leonor Anthony can be an Expressionist artist born in Havana, Cuba. Leonor immigrated with her family on the United States as a really young child. Today, she resides and performs in Coconut Grove, California. Leonor’s preferred medium can be oil on cloth. The imagery regarding her art is crafted with a mixture of precise and loose brush strokes, characterized by powerful colors along with jarring compositions that bring about vivid emotional responses. Her paintings have been showcased at the “Beijing Global Art Exposition” held in July of 2012 with the China World Trade Center, Beijing, The far east. Her works come in permanent collections in both Montepulciano, Italy and in Buenos aires DC. Leonor was your recipient of the Tiffany’s Next year Humanitarian Award on her behalf unending philanthropic endeavors that include: Founding director from the Himalayan Community Project throughout Nepal, Big Brothers Huge Sisters, Honeyshine Mentoring Plan, Loving Soles, Special United Way, Most cancers FIU Honors College and others. For more information on Leonor Anthony visit:

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