The Best Solavei Review

I can’t see why there is already a lot of talking regarding a Solavei Scam. If you are reading this, you are either searching to discover if there is a legitimate Solavei scam or if folks are full of it.

You probably have resently joined and want to make sure you didn’t make a huge mistake.

Regardless of these reasons, I will break down for you some things that if you take for granted, you WILL be calling it a scam.

I don’t know if you have seen this like I have. But all the time a new MLM business and any company that brings out innovation into the market place, people beging to judge it badly.

On that account, you are looking to find out if there is a Solavei Scam. But most people that don’t understand businesses like Solavei call most things a scam.

And its really troublesome sometimes to have to explain to people that there are some specific reasons why these businesses are legit.

Solevei is much like a traditional MLM (Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing) company. You earn commissions two ways.

You earn commissions when someone enrolls for the service and when you sponsor a person who enrolls folks for the service. Period!

The comp plan breaks it down really well and its really easy to understand.

There are four ways to earn money:
1. Fast Action Bonus
The minute you get involved in Solavei, you earn a Fast Action Bonus (FAB) for Trios you directly enroll in your first 60 days. The FAB will help build your Trios, providing a solid foundation to your Trio Pay.

1 trio $50
2 trio +$100
3 trio +$200
4 trio +$300
2. Trio Pay
For every Trio in your personal network, you earn $20/month, paid at the end of the service period (30 days after initial service activation or monthly service renewal), for as long as your connections use the Solavei mobile service.

3. Path Pay
As your entire network (personal and extended) continues to grow, you advance in rank on the achievement path based on Trios paid for the month. Each band has three ranks. Advancing in rank earns you an increasing monthly Path Pay.

4. One-Time Path Bonus
As you progress from one band to another, you will receive aOne-Time Path Bonus payable at the same time as the monthly Path Pay.

There you have it. Now, does that sound like there is a Solavei scam? NO! Its very simple. Its not like people don’t use the service either.

There is a BIG market right now and if you are truly looking to earn commissions online, its probably best to jump in fast when the product is just launching.

Thats where the big money is made on the internet. If you are searching to earn income online with Solavei, I completely think its cool and you can really be profitable with it.

Nevertheless, the most challenging part of businesses that require you to enroll people for you to earn commissions on it, you must have a large network of people who are looking for it.

You also need a marketing strategy that can automate your marketing to always have people looking at your service and business.

I use a marketing system that funnels ALL types of businesses and qualifies people for my business.

If you are looking to join Solavei, just be sure to use a system that can help you automate your marketing to really make a lot of money with Solavei.

You just saw there is not a Solavei Scam. If you want to really prosper in your Solavei business, go to my blog for the best MLM Tips around.

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